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Jan 23, 2019

What's this? Is it possible? Could Brian have managed to edit the surprise episode all in one night?! It's a space Santa miracle! You there, young listener! Tell me, are everyone's favorite childhood movies still sitting in the window at the butchers? Run and purchase them all, and buy some new intro quotes for yourself! I've been such a fool. Basic and broad are good things. I love them now, especially that little singing frog. Gets me right in the feels. Fandom bless us, every one of us!

Happy Festivus everybody!

Muppet Christmas Carol:

Alistar Sim's A Christmas Carol: (avoid the colorized if you can)

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Recent appearances: Aaron is going to be giving a talk to the Triangle Freethought Society in Raleigh North Carolina on Monday February 18th at 6:30pm. We'll provide more details as it gets closer but there will likely also be a Friday meetup and maybe another talk over the weekend for folks who can't make the Monday. Hope to meet as many folks as possible while I'm down there.