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Sep 26, 2018

This episode will serve as our majority report on the movie Minority Report. We cover the movie's relationship to Utilitarianism and the common objection that we can't predict the future. Next week we will present our minority report on the short story Minority Report, where we'll cover how the story addresses prescience and determinism. The major difference is that this episodes content is beefed up with about 40 minutes of Tom Cruise running.

Paper on the epistemic objection to Utilitarianism:;jsessionid=9C31837321834C184C99CC72FD34B700?doi= 

Announcement: We've updated our patreon goals since we kind of just did them anyway. Now, 300 patrons gets us 15 more minutes of show per episode! We need it too, there is so many supporting characters and moments that deserve more love. 

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