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Jan 9, 2019

Imagine if you could clean up any part of your memories, would you? Are there any days in the past few years, perhaps, that you might wish to remember differently? Would you worry that changing the memory would result in a different you? Would you worry it was wrong to trade a real memory for a fake one? Good, now hop in, cause we're going to mars!

That's right, it's Total Recall time, and we've got a wonderful special guest to join us. Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto on twitter) writer and associate editor of Arc Digital (ArcDigi on twitter), who's article on fun philosophy movies inspired our selection for this week, joins us to discuss all the gear stripping Cronenberg glory that is Arnold's Total Recall. We also compare it to the deeply forgettable 2012 version and to the short story that I'll link here. I recommend absorbing all three back to back and then you'll have no idea what's real anymore.

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