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Jan 16, 2019

Was 0G39 a little too short for you? Did you feel ultimately unfilled after listening to it? Well, good news! Here at Podcall, we can implant a part two that will feel so real and lifelike and enriching, it will make you forget your drab existence before hearing it. And that's not all! Pay extra and we'll throw in some paranoid delusions. Already feeling them? That's how you know it's working. Wondering when you'll know that it's stopped working?! That's the great part, you'll never be able to prove it either way. Enjoy!

That's right, it's Total Recall pt.2: Rise of the Mutants! We're lucky enough to have our wonderful special guest, Elizabeth Picciuto (@epicciuto on twitter) writer and associate editor of Arc Digital (ArcDigi on twitter). We continue with our discussion of the weirdness of memory based personhood, and try to squeeze in a little three boob lady analysis after dark.

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