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Apr 17, 2019

Welcome to the beginning of our show's blue period. Until I decide otherwise we'll only be doing sci-fi that's blue themed. Waterworld. The Shape of Water. Mr. MeSeeks. Yellow Submarine. Don't worry, there will be some deeper meaning to it all that you'll probably fail to grasp but will pretend you understand at parties.

Okay, enough meta, we're doing the Zima Blue episode from the Netflix series Love, Death, and Robots. It's a stand alone episode, which is good for a variety of reasons. We're also going to be discussing Susan Wolf's theory of projects of worth. Hopefully this all feels like a project of worth for everyone involved, and hopefully they're not wrong.

Summary of Wolf's Theory:

Wolf's Paper Happiness and Meaning:

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Aaron was on Life After God talking Moral Realism with Ryan Bell:

Aaron is also going to be on a panel at NECSS this summer in NYC discussing mutant ethics. Come do some nerdcore philosophy!

CONTENT PREVIEW: It's a surprise! We're working on guest wrangling. If you want to know more you should join the Philosophers in Space facebook group!