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Jun 12, 2019

This week we're bring together a variety of fan favorites:

1. The best Star Trek captain

2. The right to procreate

3. Substrate Chauvanism

Hopefully this will be enough fan service to pay off the rage we'll likely incur with next weeks episode. The topic for this week is Voyager season 2, episode 13: Prototype. It's one of many in the constellation of AI reproduction trek episodes and a fun intro to the Voyager crew.


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Recent appearances: We were on the most recent episode of GAM! It gets graphically sexual, as usual.

Aaron is also going to be on a panel at NECSS this summer in NYC discussing mutant ethics. Come do some nerdcore philosophy!

CONTENT PREVIEW: Next week we're back to Black Mirror to celebrate soon to be season 5. We're talking about The Waldo Moment, a personal favorite of Aaron's that everyone seems to hate for some reason, and we're gonna discuss the entertainification of politics and the ethics of playing into that trend.