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Jun 26, 2019

Ugh, woe is me. I used to find passion in the challenge of writing these show notes, but now that I've mastered the art of meta show notes-fu, there's no challenge left. I must seek out a show now with content so boring and straightforward that no amount of meta show notes will make it palatable. This is my hero's journey.

Also, we're doing One Punch Man and discussing the tension between wanting to reach our goals easily and enjoying the challenges of the journey itself, and lots of other fun related topics. Get totally obliterated with enjoyment!

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Recent appearances: Nothing recent, though ETV is back in action! Hopefully have a few things coming up soon though.

Aaron is also going to be on a panel at NECSS this summer in NYC discussing mutant ethics. Come do some nerdcore philosophy!

CONTENT PREVIEW: Next week we're finally doing Fury Road. Been wanting to talk Ecofeminism since I taught it this semester and this is the perfect movie for it and we have a wonderful guest joining us to help us avoid dudesplaining the end of life as we know it.