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Jul 10, 2019

And now another installment in the deeply caring relationship that is our show. Can caring be shared through podwaves? I like to think so. Feel the care just flow out over you. Try not to think about how this relationship also feels like creepy paternalistic programming. This is all totally normal.

This week we're covering I Am Mother, a new piece of sci fi horror by Netflix. There's a lot of good philosophy packed into this middle of the road production, and we set some of it aside to combine with next week's content. For this week we're introducing you, our totally not cloned and weirdly raised listeners, to care ethics.

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Recent appearances: Aaron had a great time with the NJ Humanist Network giving a talk on moral realism. Here's a recording of a previous version of the talk if you're interested:

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CONTENT PREVIEW: Next week we'll be discussing The Evitable Conflict and The Zeroth law of robotics. The evitable conflict can be found here starting on page 122: