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Jul 17, 2019

I built a superintelligent robot to write these show notes, and it just kept repeating the word "meta" over and over and over again. Not sure if it's a feature or a bug. While we sort it out, enjoy our episode on Asimov's The Evitable conflict, where he first describes The Zeroth Law of robotics. We explain the law, the problems it faces, and how they connect to issues like virtue theory and questions about god. This episode is perfectly calibrated to produce the ideal outcome for all beings in the universe, so you're guaranteed to enjoy it.

The Evitable Conflict and The Zeroth law of robotics. The evitable conflict can be found here starting on page 122:

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Recent appearances: Aaron had a great time with the NJ Humanist Network giving a talk on moral realism. Here's a recording of a previous version of the talk if you're interested:

Come see Aaron at NECSS next Sunday! We're talking mutants!

CONTENT PREVIEW: Next week we'll hopefully have a special guest to talk Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.