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Sep 18, 2019

All aboard the endless train of symbolism. We'll be passing through, but not making stops in: locomotive dad jokes, environmental injustice, Plato's Republic, Social Contact Theory, revolutionary change, and various flavors or dooooom! If you can't follow the train of thought, it's cause the podcast is a closed system and we can only be as coherent as the sci-fi vehicle that we're currently hurtling along in. This one goes all over the map and the endings a bit abrupt, because just doing meta-meta-analysis isn't good enough, you've gotta meta-match on pacing too. Really though, we've got a lot of train cars worth of wtf left to go, so grab some kronole and get huffing.

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Recent appearances: Aaron had a great time talking to skeptics in the pub. We'll have the audio and video out soon. If you're a skeptic and you've got a pub nearby you should invite us over!

CONTENT PREVIEW: Snowpiercer and Social Contact Theory