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Dec 30, 2022

Hey, you look like a down-on-your-luck subject of a harmful government, could I interest you in a fun little heist story? We'll talk a bit about all the kinds of overbearing governments and I promise this totally won't end in you signing up for a revolution or anything. 


Dec 16, 2022

Writing show notes is the one true godlike power. The ability to shape the experiences of others, to craft a world that they run headlong into. It's pure strange energies. This week we're taking our first dip into Lower Decks, arguably the best of all Star Trek shows. we're covering season 2, episode 1,...

Dec 2, 2022

Just wild that this show has reached 200 episodes. 200 episodes worth of boxes and bug anuses. We've had a great run, hopefully folks will be happy with the coming changes. For our send off episode we cover the most recent Cronenberg creation and discuss what it says about art, authentic human connection, and the need...