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Nov 21, 2018

This week we're breaking out the big guns, except not really because one of the greatest horror movies of all time ain't got no guns. Just some ineffective flamethrowers misused by some schluby rockhoppers. Best in class on all fronts, Alien! We're mixing it up with the 2003 cultural touchstone The Corporation. A book/movie about how corporate persons are functionally sociopaths. We attempt some pushback on that, which goes about as well as the pushback humans give in the corporation dominated Xenoverse. And if just one alien isn't enough nightmarish space rape for you, we're doing Aliens's next week. It's Thomas's first time, so lets all pressure him to liveblog it. While we're chatting, what sort of rock is worth carrying through alien infested space? Or is the mining thing all a clever ruse?! Okay, here's some links:

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