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Sep 16, 2020

Free Will...Ethics...Consciousness...Boxes, these are the four elements of the philosophical universe, each element mastered by benders that can shape the very fabric of the metaverse with their will. Into each generation is born one podcast, the Avapod, that can bend all four elements and bring peace to the metaverse. This is the story of that podcast, and how it balanced personal and impersonal viewpoints to save everybody from all the bad things.

Consequentialism, Agent-Neutrality, and Mahayana Ethics by Goodman: 

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Recent appearances:  Aaron had a wonderful time with This Film is Lit talking about the epic A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick. Stick around for me trying to keep it together through reading the afterword.

CONTENT PREVIEW: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Non-Natural Moral Realism