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Dec 5, 2018

Well, the cats out of the bag now. Everyone knows this is really The Bad Show. You'd think all the bickering between Thomas and I would have given it away sooner, but it's a relief to have it out in the open.

Kidding! Everything is great! We're doing season two of The Good Place, a show we both think is great, and we're talking about Moral Luck, something you will all soon think is great! I strongly recommend the paper this week, I think it's an acceptable level of readable and has some real gems in it:


Nagel's Moral Luck:

For folks who are interested in more discussions of free will and moral luck, check out episode 43 and 44 of Embrace the void:

and my very first appearance on Serious Inquires Only. We were so young and naive back then:  

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