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May 8, 2019

Hello [primary user] and welcome to the show notes for your brand new copy of our episode about Humans, a British show about how awkward it will be when we're all surrounded by vastly superior, extremely polite robits. We hope you will find this show to be...suitable. If you find it sup bar, and can overcome the British urge to never voice that feeling, do let us know.

And of course, if you want to experience the adult package, nudge nudge wink wink:

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Recent appearances: Aaron's going to be on an upcoming episode of Podunk Polymath, but the hunger is endless.

Aaron is also going to be on a panel at NECSS this summer in NYC discussing mutant ethics. Come do some nerdcore philosophy!

CONTENT PREVIEW: Continuing our streak of shows with amazing female protagonists, we're going to look at Orphan Black and discuss human cloning, experimentation, and nature vs. nurture, and Aaron will resist the urge to say "luck" for as long as possible.