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May 22, 2019

Here's my story, it's sad but true, about a bot that I once knew. It took my laws, and then ran around, all the science juice pools in town.

This week we're beginning a journey through the robot short stories of Isaac Asimov, beginning with Runaround, the first story where Asimov specifically lays out the three laws of robotics. We discuss the many problems with these laws as well as why they're still important and why it's harder to dismiss them than some might think.

AI top down vs bottom up ethics:

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Aaron is also going to be on a panel at NECSS this summer in NYC discussing mutant ethics. Come do some nerdcore philosophy!

CONTENT PREVIEW: ENGAME! We've delayed as long as we could, but the time has come. Obviously we have to actually talk about the thing so go see it if you want zero risk of spoilers.