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Oct 23, 2019

Hey friends, show notes guy here. This one's a feels show so I'm gonna play it straight. Aron Eisenberg, the actor who played Nog on DS9, passed away recently. He was a beloved member of the Star Trek community and we wanted to do a tribute episode to pay our respects. So, we brought on the perfect person to guide us through, Callie Wright. Besides being an amazing podcaster, Callie is very active in the Star Trek community and brings with her a wealth of Star Trek background stories. We cover the first episode where Nog really gets to shine, season 3 episode 14, Heart of Stone. Given his love for duty, it felt right to use this story to introduce the Deontological theory of ethics, something we'll of course develop in further episodes. We hope you pour yourself a tall glass of root bear and enjoy a bit of Nog glory.

Also, Callie mentions a charity at the end of the episode, which has since stopped accepting donations. I didn't want you to think we'd just left it out. Here's the link if you're interested:

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