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Feb 25, 2022

Feel that itch, that strange rash that seems to be pulsing in weird ways? Don't worry, it's just the new flesh finding fertile soil. By the end of this journey we'll all be beautiful flesh flowers. We're doing a Cronenjourney, starting with Videodrome and the philosophy of Marshall Mcluhan.


Feb 18, 2022

Okay, sorry we're a bit late on this loop, I promise next loop we'll be back on track and hopefully we can manage for the next several hundred loops. We discuss The Endless and how it relates to Nietzsche's conception of eternal return. As mentioned at the beginning, The Endless is actually the second movie in a series,...

Feb 9, 2022

Honestly, after 2.5 hours of this movie I was hoping the awakening really would happen and suck me into the middle of the planet. We discuss the cold mess that is Eternals and what this means for using planets as a means to an end.


Editing by Luisa Lyons, check out her...

Feb 2, 2022

We are such stuff as griefs are made on, and our little play is rounded with some swelling music. We're discussing the rest of Station Eleven, and what it says about our relationship to the past.


Editing by Luisa Lyons, check out her amazing podcast...