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Sep 9, 2020

Witness our attempt to gain entry into a post gendered Valhalla! Led by the feminist valkyrie Jamie M. Lombardi (@euthyphro), Professor of philosophy at Bergen Community College, we EXPLODE the feminist symbolism and environmental messaging of Mad Max: Fury Road! ::fire guitar solo::
Seriously, this episode has everything. Top 10 action movie, progressive messaging, a guest who steals the show, and quality malapropisms. Oh what a pod, what a beautiful pod.    
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Recent appearances: Thomas had me on SIO to discuss the recent revelations around the ownership of New Discourses's, James Lindsay's laundering operation for for far right talking points and conspiracy theories. If you're lost on what this is about check out ETV150 first.
CONTENT PREVIEW: Next week we're back from break with Avatar and Agent Neutral Buddhist Ethics