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Jul 1, 2020

Welcome to Amazon Prime, the best media empire money can buy as long as we're not talking Disney or Netflix money. Here in Amazon Prime you can enjoy shows that are either too slow and deep to be accessible, like Tales from the Loop, or shows too shallow and mainstream to convey any meaning, like this weeks installment, Uploaded! Uploaded is the kind of show that would be free in the heaven depicted by uploaded. We use it to discuss the dangers of a for-profit afterlife and the coercive implications for even the healthiest among us. Assuming you've got your autopay setup correctly, otherwise these show notes are all you get.

There really need to be more papers on the ethics of for-profit uploading.

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Recent appearances:  Had a wonderful time with This Film is Lit talking about the epic A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick. Stick around for me trying to keep it together through reading the afterword.

CONTENT PREVIEW: What's Expected of Us and Dennett's Compatibilism.