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Dec 25, 2019

Well, we're really in the philosophical soup of it now. Out here at the edge of the universe, doing B&Es on a Chinese Room filled with scramblers, not knowing if our sentience is the only thing worth saving our a sad joke that should be shuffled offstage in the gentlest way possible. Or maybe it already has been and we're too zombie to even notice. We're into the middle section of Blindsight, which does not get enough credit as a master work of science fiction philosophy in my opinion. We've moved from discussion of the possibility of philosophical zombies to discussion of the value of sentience/phenomenal experience. We wrestle with the limitations of several accounts of the value of consciousness. This sets us up for discussing the connections between sentience and moral realism in part 3, assuming our sentience lasts that long.

The Function of Consciousness:

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CONTENT PREVIEW: Blindsight and Moral Realism