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Feb 5, 2020

::Totally out of place spur clinking noise::

Well, pardner, looks like it's just you and me. We can't both walk away from this cliche off and I've got a whole bag full of triple crosses so I can go all day.

Wait...sorry, what was I saying? I got JJ Abrams brain for a second there. Here, let me just get back to something that makes any sense. We're discussing the Mandalorian and the philosophical and especially ethical questions surrounding the use of facial coverings. And the ethics of torturing Brian, which I guess counts as bonus content? Anyway, it's all way better than every part of the actual Mandalorian besides actual baby Yoda.

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Recent appearances: Aaron did a fun youtube video on moral Realism with Nathan Ormond. Hopefully going to do one soon on the Euyphro.

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