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Jun 5, 2024

What is there to say about Men? A movie so pregnant with ideas it's practically bursting at the orifices with symbols coated in fresh nightmare fuel. Been sitting on this gem a long time and the bear vs. men discourse gave us the perfect context. So, get ready for the most us content ever as we discuss Schrodinger's...

May 22, 2024

Welcome to the Void Vault, the best of all possible vaults! You're so lucky you were born into this vault, especially because you can't leave. But why would you, everything in this vault is totally fine, you are absolutely NOT a test subject for some undisclosed social psychology experiment, especially not an experiment...

May 6, 2024

If you think about it, on the downsizing principles this is like a years worth of content, and two sentences is endless show notes. Or something, I dunno, the scaling doesn't really make any sense, much like the conceptual map surrounding altruism. Enjoy!



Apr 23, 2024

Once again, IT IS THE LEGEND! We return to the desert planet to train another faithful, and we're not stopping till we've made everyone super depressed again about the horrors of colonialism but also the horrors of de-colonialism. It's horrors all the way down folks! Enjoy, and stay tuned for Dune Messiah!

Dune Two:

Apr 8, 2024

Dear listeners, there are few joys as wonderful as providing y'all with unknown little gems filled with quirky body horror and a deep commitment to the bit. This movie made my transhumanist orifices quiver with joy. Enjoy our discussion of the extremely mid concept that is "naturalness".

The Pod Generation: