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Jun 30, 2021

When you think about it, life is just a long voyage to death, we all stick it out as long as we can and hope we don't get pelted by too much space debris in the process. We discuss the extremely grim Aniara and the pointlessness of life.
Pointlessness article:

Jun 23, 2021

Welcome to your new life! As a reborn person, your job is now to serve others, in this case by listening to all of our podcasts. Remember, every podcast is a face of god, so maybe listen twice!


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Jun 16, 2021

Don't need a white person voice when it's the only voice you got! Much like this movie, our episode has a lot on its mind, including our special guest William Paris (@WilliamMParis) of What's Left of Philosophy Podcast. We talk about turning people into animals and a bit of double consciousness and capitalism, really a...

Jun 9, 2021

The moment has come when the curtain draws back and all the secrets of the universe are revealed...OR IS IT?! You'll just have to connect the dots yourself to find out. We're coving Musings of a Smoking Man and whether it's okay for a piece of art to glorify conspiratorial thinking...OR ARE WE?!


Jun 2, 2021

Giant floating eyeballs have we got a fun ride for you Ohms, or it Oms? Either way, assume the meditation position and prepare for some knowledge implantation about the incestuous relationship between Surrealism and Sci-fi.


Editing by Luisa Lyons, check out her...