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Sep 15, 2021

Thomas, his disbelief unsuspended, Aaron with the generous reading in hand. Darmok, using Archetypal psychology for communication. In winter.


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Sep 8, 2021

We're just a couple of podcast variants, hanging out in this armageddon of a timeline to avoid getting pruned by some time fash. While we're hiding out, might as well discuss Loki and why multiverse authoritarianism is perhaps bad and also not really feasible.

Sep 1, 2021

Time to bang out another show notes so I can get back to my stories. I mean, it's a unique joy every time and I definitely haven't slipped my patreon governing module. We're covering book one of the Murderbots series, All Systems Red, and discussing anti-cyborg bigotry and what it tells us about a range of...

Aug 18, 2021

So what level of meta do I write these show notes at? Reference past meta episode show notes? Deconstruct the very idea of show notes? Feel guilty that this meta meta meta level is a bit meh? Try to push on through to the next level of meta in the hopes it gets funny again? Just always gonna be chasing that meta...

Aug 4, 2021

[Reference] verb [reference]. [Reference] [Reference] [Reference] flip kick [Reference]. This week we cover the movie Ready Player One and several topics related to value, including intrinsic vs. extrinsic value, value capture and gamification, and the instrumentalizing of memetics