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Apr 3, 2019

After a trilogy like this, what is left to be said? All the references have been made. All the Chidi'ing about better and worse art. And lets all be honest, after pouring our hearts into these episodes, we all know the buzz will be 95% about what we're doing next week, so go ahead and scroll on down. You've earned it.

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CONTENT PREVIEW: Infinity Wars! ::spikes the gauntlet of power:: WE'RE DOING THE THING! Let me be clear: I CAN NOT promise that I can keep Thomas on his leash during this exposition zone. Do no Socr@ me about this, you all begged and begged now you get to reap the whirlwind. We're going to be talking about the Tragedy of the Commons as applied to population ethics, and we'll be using a very famous and controversial paper that I highly recommend reading it ahead of time: