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Apr 10, 2019

Lemme just get my witty banter beard on:

Hey kids, do you like violence? Want to see Murtle the turtle stick needles in Dr. Strange's eyelids?

Sorry, not current enough pop culture reference? How bout this?

What's big, purple, has a jewelry fetish, and makes some really sound points about overpopulation? That's right! A Kardashian Oompa loompa.

Too many references mashed together? Okay, how bout this:

::hour long battle scene, I timed it::

Okay okay, I'm not gonna give it all away for free, cause we're going all out with TWO pieces of Infinity Wars content. For those who want more philosophy and less snark, we have this episode where spend 90% of the time on the tragedy of the commons and how it applies to overpopulation. THEN, we're going to soon have NASA 3 come out, where we spend almost as long as one whole battle scene arguing about how awesome this movie is. If you were fans of the battle of Hamilton, you'll want in on this.

Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons: 

Ostrom et al Revisiting the Tragedy of the Commons: 

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